Silkeborg Langsø offers good conditions for fishing. Actually, you can cast your line directly from the campsite.

Silkeborg Sø Camping & Feriehuse is located at Silkeborg Langsø, where children up to age 15 can fish for free, while others can buy a daily or weekly licenses, which applies to several kilometers of lake shore suitable for fishing. You can buy fishing licenses online here.

If you would like to go fishing in "Put n 'Takes", there are more than 10 of these within a radius of 15-20 km, where prices start at about 9 EUR for a day pass.


Fishing in Silkeborg Langsø

Silkeborg Langsø is a long narrow lake that is divided into three basins.

The East Basin

After preservation many pikes has been caught in this part of the lake. Fishing along the reeds and waterlilies can yield big fish in the early summer.

The Middle Basin

There are also pikes in the middle basin. However, this basin is better known for its perch and zander. These can be found around the hard bottom near Viborgbroen og Kærgårdsbroen, which yields many fine fish each year. Perches over 1 kg are no rarity here.

The West Basin

This part of Silkeborg Langsø is where most big pikes are to be found. Here, no one raises an eyebrow if a 10 kgs pike should get caught. Even 15 kgs fish is a possibility here. Everywhere in Silkeborg Langsø there is a large population of roaches and breams.


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