Running and mountain biking

Nordskoven is the center of an active holiday in Silkeborg, both for runners, mountain bikers, and those who want to vent their walking shoes.

On the other side of the road, just 50-100 meters from the entrance to our campsite, you can find Nordskoven, one of the most popular forest areas when it comes to running and mountain biking (MTB).

If you fancy an active holiday in Silkeborg, then Silkeborg Sø Camping & Feriehuse is an obvious starting point, since we border both the lake and forest. Nordskoven offers challenging routes for both runners and mountain bike riders.

Mountain biking in Nordskoven

Nordskoven offers some of the most popular and challenging mountain bike routes, and the 23 km route has multiple times been used for major races. The route is divided into three difficulty levels, blue, red and black, respectively.

The blue route
The blue route is the easiest of the three, and is 13.3 km of the total route course. Although this route is considered the easiest, it still offers more challenging passages.

The red route
The red route is 6.5 km of the total route course, and is aimed at the experienced MTB rider. The route joins with the blue route several times, but it stands out by offering the rider some more technically demanding passages.

The black route
The black route is the forest's most technical. This route is 2.1 km of the total route course, and it caters to the very experienced rider. This route offers many switchbacks and steep passages which can be used in training situations.

Nordskoven also offers a 10-hectare training area, where it is allowed to bike outside of marked trails and routes. However, be aware that there are certain guidelines for mountain biking in the Nordskoven. You can read more about these in Naturstyrelsens mountain biking brochure, which you can download in a PDF version. The brochure also contains a map of the routes with marked elevation profiles.

You can also watch a number of videos of the routes and terrain in Nordskoven, by following this search on YouTube.

Excerpts from the source: "Mountain biking in Nordskoven Silkeborg", published by Naturstyrelsen.

Running in Nordskoven

Nordskoven is also an ideal place to test your fitness, both for experienced and less experienced runners. Nordskoven offers flat and hilly routes that can put even a trained runner to the test. In this brochure from Naturstyrelsen you can see a detailed map of Nordskoven and the surrounding area. If you want a special running challenge, the areas and paths associated with mountain biking routes are an obvious place to plan your run.

Guided runs in Nordskoven is organised by MW Running, but you must contact them and make an appointment yourself.

We are looking forward to welcome you to an active holiday at Silkeborg Sø Camping & Feriehuse. Remember your mountain bike and running shoes :)

Prices valid the entire season

March 22nd - October 20th
Use of cleaner area for mountain bikesFree
Parking and shower for non-camping guests7 EUR
Locking of mountain bikesFree

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