On this page, you can get an overview of our modern and well-maintained kitchen and bathing facilities.

At Silkeborg Sø Camping & Feriehuse you have access to modern and well-maintained kitchen and bathing facilities. In 2005, our old toilet building was rebuilt for nearly 1 million danish kroner, so that it now contains five family bathrooms, three showers, six toilets and double urinals. Each room is covered with beautiful Italian stone tiles, and they can offer touchless faucets, kids mirrors and hand/hair dryers.

We also have a baby room with children's toilet, height-adjustable desk and shower.

In our kitchen have have installed a professional catering stove with 12 plates, toasters, stoves and microwave ovens that you can use for free.

If you like outdoor cooking, you can cook in our unique luxury outdoor kitchen with a view to Gudenåen and Silkeborg Langsø. It doesn’t get more relaxing and beautiful than that.

Take an interactive tour in our kitchen and bathing facilities, by clicking on the appropriate links below.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Silkeborg Sø Camping & Feriehuse.

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