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Important information

Since we are a family campsite, we do not offer accommodation for guests who are on drinking bouts or participating in bachelor parties etc.

Cancellation insurance regarding rental of mobile homes, cabins, flats, or bunk rooms can be purchased here. The insurance costs 6% of the rent.

During public holidays and event periods we have special booking rules, please see below. If you want to book more than one rental unit or space for caravan/tent, please notify us about this via the comment field at the bottom of this page, when you submit your booking request.

Booking policies ( part of )

Year 2020 Caravan / Autocamper Rental units Tent on car free tent area
Mayl 8st - 10th At least 2 days At least 2 days No booking policies
May 20th - 24th At least 4 days. At least 3 days No booking policies
May/June 29th - 1th At least 3 days. At least 3 days No booking policies
June 24th - 29th june At least 4 days, with arrival wednesday. At least 3 days At least from friday to sunday


Please select one or more rental units

Mobile home

32 m2


Comfort cabin

25 m2


Comfort Room

24 m2


Standard cabin

20 m2


Simple cabin

16 m2


Scout cabin

9 m2


Holiday flat

42 m2


Bunk room

20 m2




40 m2


Additional informations for caravan / tent

Services for rental units


I want to book linen and towels

Extra stay

I want to buy 3 more hours of stay in mobile home, cabin, flat, or bunk room for a cost of 27 EUR. Normal departure time in the low season is 10.30 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. in the high season. For additional 27 EUR, you can extend your time of departure to 1.30 p.m. in the low season and 1.00 p.m. in the high season.

Service package

I want to buy a service package for a cost of 4,66 EUR, consisting of dishwashing liquid, dishwashing brush, griddle, dishcloth, floor cloth, small and large garbage bag, matches, hand soap, dishcloth and 1 roll toilet paper.

Early arrival

If possible, I want to arrive up to 3 hours before the normal arrival time, when staying in either Mobile Home, Cabin, Holiday flat or Bunk room. Normal arrival time is 15.00 - for a price of 27 EUR you can arrive as early as 12.00.